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Fabric Formed Concrete Revetment Systems with Over 35 years of Proven Success

Find out why ARMORFORM® is the best option for your hard armoring solutions.


In 1984, the principle styles of FABRIC FORMED CONCRETE REVETMENTS are developed. The  ARMORFORM® trade name is established and remains an industry leader for over 35 years!!

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ARMORFORM® is available in various styles and thickness’. Uniform Section Mat (USM), Filter Point Mat (FPM), Articulating Block Mat (ABM) and Armorbags are the four standard styles of ARMORFORM.

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ARMORFORM® is a proven product with millions of square feet installed across the nation. ARMORFORM® fabric formed concrete revetments continue to set the bar in erosion protection by consistently outperforming traditional concrete slope paving, gabions, precast concrete blocks, and rip rap.

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ARMORFORM® follows an effective methodology to install a mat both safely and swiftly. Find out the steps needed to install an ARMORFORM® mat today.

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